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CowParade artists range from acclaimed to amateur, young to old. Diversity in art is ensured by the approach that CowParade takes when soliciting artists and reviewing designs.

Rolf GŁntert
When Rolf GŁntert graduated from the Basel Art School, there were cows grazing nearby. He moved permanently to Sweden in 1967 and on vacation in Switzerland in 1998, he landed right in the middle of the huge cow parade in ZŁrich. A herd of 800 artist-designed cows had invaded the town. Wherever Rolf GŁntert looked, there was a cow looking him right in the eye. Upon his return to Stockholm, he received a commission from De Laval's Agrimuseum in Hamra GŚrd. His mural shows cows in a Swedish pastoral landscape from the 19th century. And nearby there is a real cow, a sculpture and a milkmaid sitting on a stool. Rolf GŁntert lost no time submitting a sketch to Stockholm's CowParade, which was readily accepted. Kindergartens in the area were welcome visitors to his gallery, watching him create a detailed representation of Stockholm, crowned with the Three Crowns. According to Rolf GŁntert himself, this work is a loving tribute to a town that he has learnt to love and live in.

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