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For art, for charity, for fun. CowParade is a unique public art exhibition that doesn't forget its roots -- the communities that host and support it. One of the basic tenets of CowParade is that it is a charitable endeavor. When CowParade comes to town, it brings wonderful opportunities to area artists and smiles to residents and visitors as they experience art in a different and unique form. But when the exhibition is over, we want to leave something behind.
BRIS is a non-profit organisation, with no political or religious affiliations, that helps children in crisis and serves as a link between children, adults and society. BRIS also aims to influence public opinion and decision makers, as well as increasing adults’ respect for children as individuals.

BRIS aims to strengthen the rights of children and youth and improve their standards of living, according to the UN convention of children’s rights. BRIS needs to pay special attention to children in crisis and maintain the opportunity for children and youth to conduct a dialogue with adults.

BRIS consider their employers to be children and youth, and therefore operations are based on their needs. The knowledge BRIS receives through conversations and e-mails via the Children’s Help Line and Bris-mail is an important source in our work to make the needs of children and youth more visible to adults, the public and decision makers. The Children’s Help Line and BRIS-mail provides children up to 18 years old with a secure, anonymous and free-of-charge access to a BRIS counsellor.

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